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Alternative to 9933-05-000

RF-N05-VR1 as 100% alternative to 9933-05-000

Our disposable in-line adsorber are made from the same high quality Nylon PA 12 as our disposable in-line filter. Depending on the application, the corresponding adsorber material is integrated.

replacment for-alternative for-crossreference-9933-03-AAQ-9933-03-AQ-9933-03-BQ-9933-03-CQ-9933-03-DQ-9933-05-AAQ-9933-05-AQ-9933-05-BQ-9933-05-CQ-9933-05-DQ-9900-05-BK-9922-05-AAQ-9922-05-AQ-9922-05-BQ-9922-05-CQ-9922-05-DQ-9933-11-AAQ-9933-11-AQ-9933-11-BQ-9933-11-CQ-9933-11-DQ-8833-11-BX-8833-11-DX

RF-N11-VR5 – technical data


Main Connection 6.3 mm
Port Connection Type Tube

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