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Sterile Filter Elements

Elevate purity with precision – sterile filter elements for uncompromised filtration excellence.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide sterile filter elements that redefine industry standards, ensuring uncompromising purity and reliability for our customers’ critical processes.

Christopher Franke

General Manager, R+F FilterElements GmbH

Sterile Filter Elements by R+F FilterElements GmbH

Step into the world of precision and reliability with our exceptional sterile filter elements. Meticulously engineered, our filters exemplify an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled purity while meeting and exceeding industry regulations.

Crafted with the highest quality standards, our sterile filter elements ensure a level of cleanliness that surpasses industry norms. Whether you operate in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, or other critical sectors, our filters are designed to not only meet but elevate your specific industry standards.

Our sterile filter elements not only comply with regulations such as CFR Title 21 and EC/1935/2004, but they surpass them, providing you with the assurance needed to tackle the most demanding filtration challenges.

We understand that each industry has unique demands, and our sterile filters are tailored to meet those requirements precisely. Efficiency, longevity, and compliance are the cornerstones of our sterile filter elements, ensuring your critical processes operate seamlessly and with the utmost reliability.

Explore the innovation and quality embedded in each of our sterile filter elements. Trust us to be your dedicated partner, upholding the highest standards of purity in your processes and ensuring the success of your operations.

Embark on a new era of filtration excellence with us.

Application of Sterile Filter Elements


The R+F FilterElements GmbH Sterile Filter is designed for use in pharmaceutical applications as well as for sterilization tasks, meeting the regulations of the HIMA (Hygienic Industry Manufacturers Association). All elements achieve their intended specifications.

Product Quality


Product quality is of the utmost importance to us. Our sterile filter elements are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines, with test reports generated for both raw materials and during production. Before packaging, each sterile filter undergoes inspection to ensure its integrity in accordance with EN 1822.



Each filter element is uniquely identified with a batch ID for complete traceability. Our testing methods adhere to EP, HIMA, FDA, ISO, and ASTM D 2986-91 standards, supplemented by additional procedures from R+F FilterElements GmbH’s extensive microfiltration experience. Individual integrity test results come with custom reports as a “Works Inspection Certificate” (DIN EN 10204), included in each packaging unit marked with the article number and batch ID, alongside the operational manual for sterile filter elements.

Learn more about the features, benefits and materials of our Sterile Filter Elements



Outer guard and endcaps made of stainless steel

High mechanical and thermal stability, good durability against chemicals and numerous aggressive gases.

Absolute retention rate of 99.99998% related to 0.2 μm

Validated retention rate, intergrity testable with DOP test according to HIMA

Three-dimensional borosilicate depth filter media

High waste containment capacity, low differential pressure, high flow rate

Biologically and chemically inert

No breeding ground for separated microorganism

200 sterilization cycles guaranteed

High economical effency and low filtration costs

100% integrity tested

Guaranteed quality

Available in 13 sizes

Optimum filter size for indivdual application

Stainless steel core and end-caps

Temperature range from -20 °C up to 200 °C


Filter media


Outer core

SS 1.4301

Inner core

SS 1.4301

Inner layer


End caps

SS 1.4301

Bonding material



EPM (Std.), FEPM (Fluoraz) on request

Have a look at our portfolio of Sterile Filter Elements

Discover a revolutionary alternative in our portfolio of sterile filter elements, where innovation meets reliability. Crafted with precision and quality surpassing industry norms, our filters offer 100% compatibility, ensuring seamless exchangeability. Elevate your filtration processes with us, where performance, durability, and efficiency converge to provide a superior alternative to competitors. Explore the new era of filtration excellence tailored to meet and exceed your unique requirements.

RF-SF-AT-E as alternative to ZCHB-AT-E
RF-SF-BT-E as alternative to ZCHB-BT-E
RF-SF-KC-E as alternative to ZCHB-KC-E
RF-SF-1C-E as alternative to ZCHB-1C-E
RF-SF-1C-V as alternative to ZCHB-1C-V
RF-SF-2C-E as alternative to ZCHB-2C-E
RF-SF-3C-V as alternative to ZCHB-3C-V
RF-SF-1R as alternative to ZCHB-1R
RF-SF-2R as alternative to ZCHB-2R
RF-SF-1C as alternative to ZCHB-1C
RF-SF-1H as alternative to ZCHB-1H
RF-SF-2C as alternative to ZCHB-2C
RF-SF-2H as alternative to ZCHB-2H
RF-SF-3C  as alternative to ZCHB-3C
RF-SF-3C-E as alternative to ZCHB-3C-E
RF-SF-3H as alternative to ZCHB-3H
RF-SF-AH as alternative to ZCHB-AH
RF-SF-AT  as alternative to ZCHB-AT
RF-SF-AZ as alternative to ZCHB-AZ
RF-SF-BH as alternative to ZCHB-BH
RF-SF-BT  as alternative to ZCHB-BT
RF-SF-BY as alternative to ZCHB-BY
RF-SF-BZ as alternative to ZCHB-BZ
RF-SF-KC  as alternative to ZCHB-KC
RF-SF-KH as alternative to ZCHB-KH
RF-SF-KC-V as alternative to ZCHB-KC-V

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