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Tertiary filtration
with cloth filters:
an introduction

tertiary filtration with cloth filters:
an introduction

Tertiary filtration with cloth filters: An introduction

Tertiary filtration is an essential process in the treatment of wastewater, providing an additional layer of filtration to remove any remaining impurities before the water is discharged. Cloth filters are a common type of filter media used in tertiary filtration, providing an effective and efficient means of removing suspended solids and other contaminants from the water.

Cloth filters used in tertiary filtration are typically made from technical textiles, which are specifically designed to provide the necessary filtration properties and withstand the harsh operating conditions of wastewater treatment plants. These technical textiles are engineered materials that offer unique features and capabilities, making them ideal for a variety of filtration applications, including tertiary filtration.

Cloth filters made from technical textiles provide several key advantages over traditional filter media in tertiary filtration applications. They are highly efficient at removing suspended solids, bacteria, and other contaminants from the water, resulting in a high-quality effluent. Additionally, cloth filters are durable and resistant to abrasion and chemical damage, providing long-lasting and reliable performance in demanding filtration applications.

Technical textiles used in cloth filters can also be customized to meet specific filtration requirements, such as the type and size of contaminants present in the water, the desired effluent quality, and the operating conditions of the tertiary filtration system. This customization ensures that the cloth filter provides optimal performance for each specific filtration application.

In conclusion, cloth filters made from technical textiles provide a versatile and effective solution for tertiary filtration in wastewater treatment plants. With their high efficiency, durability, and ability to be tailored to specific requirements, technical textiles provide a reliable and efficient means of removing impurities from wastewater before it is discharged, helping to protect the environment and public health.

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Tertiary filtration with pile media

Our portfolio of pile media offers a range of technical textiles engineered specifically for tertiary filtration applications. These textiles provide reliable and efficient filtration for a variety of wastewater treatment plants, removing impurities and contaminants to produce high-quality effluent.

Our pile media technical textiles are durable and designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of tertiary filtration systems. With our diverse range of products, we can provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements for each filtration application. Read on to discover the various applications and benefits of our pile media for tertiary filtration.

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