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Pile Cloth Disc Filter

Revolutionize wastewater treatment with our advanced Pile Cloth Disc Filter.

Our Pile Cloth Disc Filter reflects our commitment to cutting-edge technology, offering highest filtration performance for a cleaner, sustainable future.

Christopher Franke

General Manager, R+F FilterElements GmbH

Horizontal pile cloth disc filter for tertiary filtration and phosphorous reduction waste water r+f filterelements GmbH

Pile Cloth Disc Filter


Step into a new era of water treatment excellence with our cutting-edge Pile Cloth Disc Filter. Engineered for superior performance, this innovative filtration system boasts an outstanding TSS removal efficiency, reaching up to an impressive 95%. As we strive for environmental responsibility, the filter doesn’t stop there—it excels in optimal phosphorus removal, addressing crucial water quality concerns. Elevate your wastewater treatment capabilities with our state-of-the-art disc filter, setting new benchmarks in efficiency, sustainability, and water purity. Achieving optimal phosphorus removal and reducing total phosphorus levels below 0.2 mg/l. With NTU levels around 2, this disc filter offers precision, efficiency, and a profound dedication to water purity in wastewater treatment upgrades.


Phosphorous Reduction


With the combination of our Pile Cloth Disc Filter and Microfiber Filter Cloth, we achieve a remarkable reduction in total phosphorus levels to below 0.2 mg/l, tailored to the specific inlet conditions. This powerful combination exemplifies our commitment to advanced water treatment, ensuring environmental sustainability and purity in wastewater management.

TSS Reduction


In a recent case study, our Pile Cloth Disc Filter demonstrated its exceptional capabilities by reducing Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from a high concentration of 743 mg/l to an impressively low 3.8 mg/l, achieving an outstanding 95% reduction. This remarkable performance underscores the effectiveness of our advanced filtration technology in transforming wastewater quality.

NTU Reduction


Our Pile Cloth Disc Filter, in collaboration with our Microfiber Filter Cloth, achieves significant NTU reduction, bringing levels down to approximately 2 depending on the influent conditions. This powerful combination ensures optimal clarity in treated water, emphasizing our commitment to delivering high-performance solutions in water filtration.

Hydraulic Load


The hydraulic loading of our Pile Cloth Disc Filter is carefully optimized to balance efficiency and performance, allowing for a seamless flow rate that ranges from 5 to 15 m/h. This ensures an optimal balance between water treatment capacity and effective filtration, making it a versatile solution for various wastewater treatment applications.

Schedule a Call for Personalized Pile Cloth Disc Filter Design

Have questions or looking to tailor a Pile Cloth Disc Filter for your specific needs? Reach out to us, and our experts will be delighted to schedule a call, guiding you through the personalized design process to ensure the optimal integration of our innovative filtration solution into your wastewater treatment system.

Replacement Pile Filter Cloths

Already have a pile cloth disc filter? Explore our cloth options for efficient replacement and optimal performance!

Microfiber Pile Filter Cloth

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Standard Pile Filter Cloth

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