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Pile Filter Cloth

  • To maintain phosphorus levels
  • Reduction of microparticles
  • Filtration of powdered activated carbon
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance

Pseudo-Ion Oilfilter

  • Filtration of microparticles in lube oil
  • Reduction of maintenance work
  • Minimisation of downtimes
  • Filtration of rust, bacteria and gases
  • Low maintenance

Air/Gas Filtration

  • Microparticle filtration
  • Aerosol and particle filtration
  • Clean and oil-free compressed air
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance

Solid/Liquid Seperation

  • Filter belts and filter plates
  • High quality and maximum efficiency
  • Long-lasting performance

Reinforcment Fabrics

  • High performance reinforcment fabrics
  • Improve durability
  • high-strength material

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