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Microfiber Pile filter cloth

With our Microfiber Pile Filter Cloth, we redefine filtration excellence by achieving up to 96% TSS removal, ensuring a remarkable reduction from 38.7 mg/l to 1.45 mg/l. Additionally, our commitment extends to environmental sustainability, achieving phosphorous reduction below 0.2 mg/l. Join us in revolutionizing water treatment for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Christopher Franke

General Manager, R+F FilterElements GmbH

Microfiber Pile Filter cloth

With their many fibres, our microfibre pile filter cloths form a perfect layer to filter microplastics, microparticles, drug residues and phosphates from the wastewater. During the filtration process, the fibres lie flat on the bottom and form an almost impenetrable layer to separate the relevant particles. Especially with our microfibre pile filter cloths, we use many fine fibres that ensure a much higher filtration efficiency.
Our aim with the microfibre pile filter cloth is to meet the limits of <5mg/l TSS and <0.2mg/l Ptot.

We offer our microfibre pile filter cloth in the colour grey and our cloths are an alternative to the blue (PES-13) and green cloths (PF-14) already available on the market.

Particle Retention


Our Microfiber Pile Filter Cloth stands as a powerhouse in particle retention, capturing particles as small as 5 microns, and often even smaller at 3 microns. This exceptional filtration capacity ensures the removal of fine contaminants, contributing to water purity and environmental sustainability.

TSS Removal


Experience an outstanding TSS removal efficiency with our Microfiber Pile Filter Cloth, demonstrated in a case study where we achieved a remarkable reduction from 38.7 mg/l to 1.45 mg/l, showcasing an impressive 96% filtration efficiency. Upgrade your water treatment process with precision and reliability.

Turbidity Reduction


Experience superior water quality with our Microfiber Pile Filter Cloth, efficiently reducing turbidity to achieve a remarkable NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) level of around 2. Elevate your water treatment standards with our advanced filtration solutions.

Phosphorous Reduction


Achieve unparalleled phosphorus removal with our Microfiber Pile Filter Cloth, bringing the levels below 0.2 mg/l for exceptional water purity. Trust in our advanced filtration technology to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Standard Pile Filter Cloth tertiary filtration pile cloth disc filter tss removal

Standard Pile Filter Cloth

Explore the robust filtration capabilities of our Standard Pile Filter Cloth, setting new benchmarks in wastewater treatment efficiency especially in tertiary treatment stages. Elevate your water purification processes with our innovative and reliable filtration solutions.

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