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Alternative to 200-35-AH

RF-2035-BSI as 100% alternative to 200-35-AH

Particulate microfibre glass filter element bonded with Silica inorganic resin only. This filter element is completely inorganic and can be used at high temperatures.

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RF-2035-BSI – technical data


Filtration Efficiency

99.9999 % @ 0.01 micron particles

Air flow resistance

Less than 2.8KPa at 6m/min in air at 25°C

Inner diameter

51 mm

Outer diameter

58 mm


230 mm

Burst minimum

0.8 Bar

Collapse minimum

1.2 Bar

Temperature resistance

-50°C to + 500°C

Chemical resistance

Mineral, vegetable and synthetic lubricants

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