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Filter belt for the use at mining industry or chemical processes

Filter belt for the use at mining industry or chemical processes

Our filter belts are the ideal solution for efficient filtration in the mining industry and chemical processes. Optimized for use in horizontal vacuum filters, our filter belts are characterized by double layering, ensuring the highest quality results from your filtration operations. Whether you’re processing minerals or chemicals, our filter belts are designed to meet the demanding requirements of your filtration processes. Browse our portfolio today to find the perfect filter belt solution for your business.

RF-B-VT-30P_technical fabrics_FilterBelt_waste water treatment_filtration_filter press_filter belt

RF-B-VT-30P- technical data


Weave DL/Twill
Warp PP
Weft PP
Air permeability l/m²/s (200 Pa) 240
Air permeability CFM (125 Pa) 30
Weight (g/m²) 590


Our filter belts are available on request and can be supplied with the following seams:

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