FLT486 Replacement Filter Elements

Coalescing FLT486 replacement filter elements with GE part number 328A7187P003. Designed to separate liquid aerosols from gases. 100 % interchangeable with the same high filtration efficiency than your OEM filter elements. We are able to deliver faster and cheaper. Feel free to order directly online in our Shop. We offer free shipping within EU.

FLT486 Replacement Filter Elements – Filtration Efficiency

The FLT486 (part number 328A7187P003) replacement filter elements have a filtration efficiency of more than 95 % at 0.1 micron particles and aerosols. The larger the droplets and particles, the better the efficiency. Keep in mind that the efficiency always depends on factors like volume flow and aerosol / particle distribution. Learn more about the coalescing principle of our FLT486 filter elements.

replacement filter elements flt486 filtration efficiency

FLT486 Replacement Filter Elements – Product Information

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