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Pile Filter Cloth Filtration

Our pile filter cloths are 100% made in Germany. This includes both weaving and cutting as well as making up. A comparatively simple storage and quality control of the filter cloths as well as a continuous improvement of these is thus given.

Depending on the end use, the objective and the chemical composition of the wastewater to be cleaned, different variants can be produced with regard to the selection of the pile material and the pile thread density.

In addition to being used in clarifying filtration on disc filter systems, the material can also be used on drum filters and handling filtration liquors with particle diameters from 0.1 µm to 5000 µm.

The enormously high filtration efficiency is generated by the tightness of the pile fiber surface and thus functions as a depth filter. Furthermore, the high porosity of the carrier fabric of up to 90% leads to an optimal flow rate with a low-pressure loss at the same time. The high strength and durability of the pile threads is achieved through the appropriate integration and anchoring in the carrier fabric. The optimally selected pile fiber length ensures an evenly positioned pile, which means that no “pile nests” arise and the cleaning behavior is positively supported.

Our pile filter cloths represent an alternative to the cloths offered on the market from various filter equipment manufacturers as well as to the screen printing fabrics used with corresponding mesh sizes.

Working Principle of Pile Filter Cloth Filtration

The working principle of our pile filter cloths is a combination of the well-known filtration types of cake filtration and depth filtration. However, the main focus is on depth filtration, as the pile fibres do most of the work and attach the particles to them. After some time, when enough suspension has passed over the pile filter cloth, the cake forms and the filtration efficiency decreases. Once this happens, there is a signal that triggers the cleaning of the pile filter cloths. By vacuuming the pile filter cloths, the cloths are cleaned and can resume their function. It is important to ensure that the pile filter cloths are robust enough to withstand the suction process. The fibres must not be pulled out of the fabric, otherwise on the one hand the filter cloth will be damaged and on the other hand microplastics will end up in the environment.

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