Membrane Filtration

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Standard Filtration vs. Membrane Filtration

To understand how membrane filtration fulfills all these requirements, let´s talk about standard filtration first. With a standard filter bag, dust collects on the outside of the bag and forms the so-called filter cake. The filter cake does the actual filtering, while the bag fabric only serves as a support for the cake. With a standard filter bag, dust collects on the outside of the bag and forms the so-called filter cake. The filter bags are de-dusted with compressed air, thus releasing the filter cake. Afterwards the dust accumulation can start again. After a short time, however, some of the dust is deeply embedded in the bag fibres, so that the bags eventually become completely clogged and have to be replaced.
Conversely, when a membrane is added to the bag it acts as the filter cake and can enhance the performance of both the filter bag and the dust collection system.

Working Principle Membrane Filtration

If we take a closer look at the membrane, we can see that it actually consists of fine microscopic holes. The holes are large enough to let air molecules and vapors pass through, but small enough to prevent even the smallest dust particles from passing through. Because the membrane keeps the dust on the surface of the filter bag, the particles can never penetrate the bag fibres and the bags cannot clog. Normally, membrane filter bags wear out before they clog. They typically last twice as long as standard filter bags. With twice the life, costly replacements and scheduled shutdowns are halved, reducing maintenance costs and increasing plant production. Because the membrane filter bags do not gradually become clogged over time, they offer the added benefit of providing a more consitent airflow respectively a more efficient extraction from your dust collection system.

Benefits Membrane Filtration

Due to their small pore size, membrane filter bags are up to 8 times more efficient than a standard filter bag – which means they can reduce emissions from the dust collector by up to 800%. Another advantage of membrane filter bags is that their smooth surface makes them easier to clean. This means fewer back pulses, which means less wear and tear on the filter bags and membranes. It also means that the system consumes less compressed air, resulting in lower energy costs. It can also improve performance when there is a higher moisture content or sticky dust.

The membrane can be added to any filter media and can replace the standard filter media in almost all applications. The development and product costs are quickly amortised as longer life, lower maintenance costs, less wear and tear and lower emissions are achieved. 

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