R+F FilterElements High Temperature Filter Bags for Dust Removal

High Temperature Dust Filter Bags

Our high temperature dust filter bags are able to filter out up to 99.9% of the 0.3 µm large particles. The special feature is the high temperature resistance of up to 250°C. The surface of our high temperature dust filter bags is equipped with a fine membrane that keeps the small particles out and ensures that they do not get stuck to the membrane. With this technology we reduce product loss and increase the efficiency of the process. Learn more about high temperature dust or hot gas filtration by reading through our library.

Choosing the right High Temperature Dust Filter Bag

To choose the right high temperature dust filter bag, we discuss the following data:

  • Volume flow
  • Initial and final pressure (or possible differential pressure)
  • Temperature
  • Expected particle count
  • Chemical components
  • Cleaning system

The individual components of the gas or dust are important to determine the correct high temperature filter bag.
When selecting the appropriate filter element, the following variables must be discussed:

  • Size respectively filter area
  • Filtration efficiency – has a great influence on the volume flow and differential pressure
  • Type of glue for membrane lamination

Portfolio of High Temperature Dust Filter Bags

Our high temperature dust filter bags are able to cover different applications. This includes different temperature ranges up to 250 °C, different pH-values and particle sizes. In order to specify which material to use, we clarify your application in advance.

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