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Filter for Vacuum Pumps

Our filter for vacuum pumps are perfectly suited to separate particles and aerosols and thus contribute to the protection of the application. Especially corrosion can be a big problem for vacuum pumps. The generated aerosols are pressed out of the vacuum pump and separated by our filter elements. Particles and aerosols accumulate on the fine microfibres and are therefore no longer in the system to cause further damage. Due to the high density of the microfibers, our filter elements have a filtration efficiency of up to 99.9% for 0.1 µm particles and aerosols. The resistance of the filter elements is low and can easily be overcome. As soon as the differential pressure is too high, the filter elements can easily be replaced.

Oil mist in vacuum pumps

Oil mist evaporates from oil-lubricated vacuum pumps and can be collected by our filters. Oil mists are fine aerosols that emerge into the air and can become a problem for your vacuum pump in the long term. The longer it runs and the more oil mist evaporates, the sooner you have to refill oil or the pump will be damaged due to lack of lubrication. Our filters for vacuum pumps collect the aerosols on the microfibres and ensure that the oil can be reused without any loss of additives.

Our filters for vacuum pumps have many small microfibres. We achieve a filtration efficiency of up to 99.9% for 0.1 µm particles and aerosols. If you want to learn more about the technology behind the filter elements, read our article about the coalescing principle. Here you can have a look at our portfolio of filter elements, which we produce in different sizes and individually for you.

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