alternative flt486 replacement filter elements for oil mist filtration

Filter Elements Type flt486 for GE Frame 7 and 9

Especially when it comes to environmental protection, filtration is a top priority. It is important that the filtration fits perfectly into the process. On the one hand, the filter element must have a low pressure loss, but on the other hand, a high filtration efficiency must be guaranteed. Our microfiber filter elements RF-2080-GE486 (type: flt486 P/N 328A7187P003) offer exactly this solution. They consist of many small, special microfibers, which are constructed in two layers. The first layer ensures that the smallest aerosol droplets (in this case oil mist) collect at the nodal points and become larger and larger. The drops are then passed on to the second layer, which ensures that the drops can flow downwards by gravity. There the recovered oil has the possibility to flow back into the lubricant circuit. In this process it should be emphasized that no additives are lost from the oil. Learn more about the coalescing principle.

Our replacement microfiber filter elements type flt486 for GE Frame 7 and 9 have a high filtration efficiency of over 95% at 0.1 microns
of particles and aerosols.

If this filtration efficiency is not yet sufficient or if the service life of the filter elements is too short,
please get in touch with me and together we will find a suitable solution.

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