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Pile Filter Cloth

Multifilament Pile Filter Cloth

Our multifilament pile filter cloths differ in some critical features from the pile filter cloths already on the market. Through the selection of the yarn and the specially developed structure in the fabric back of the cloth, we avoid the discharge of fibres from the fabric. We also achieve a better filtration and cleaning effect in the process by optimising the pile fibres. Our aim with the multifilament pile filter cloths is to meet the limits of 10mg/l TSS and 0.5mg/l Ptot. 

We offer our multifilament pile filter cloths in the colour orange and serve as an equivalent to already known cloths on the market in the colour white.

RF-2080-GE486 replacement for FLT486_R+F Filter Elements GmbH_alternative
R+F Filterelements GmbH_flt486_filterkerze_alternative

Multifilament Pile filter cloth – technical details


Pile Fiber Type: PA Multifilament

Support Fiber Type: PET Mono- /Multifilament

Clour: Orange


Further technical information can be found in our data sheets, which we will be happy to provide on request.

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