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The great advantage of using our filter cloths with non-stick effect is the significantly higher product output due to improved cake release and longer service life.

Anna Rippel

General Manager, R+F FilterElements GmbH

Pile Filter Cloth Filtration for Disc Filters R+F FilterElements GmbH

Graphic: Cross-section of the yarn – particles in the yarn that optimise the release of the filter cake.

Filter cloth with non-stick effect to increase product output 

The non-stick effect of our filter cloths ensures much faster and cleaner filter cake discharge, thereby increasing your product output. The secret lies in the structure of the yarn used. The standard yarn used in filter cloths is smooth and usually ensures good cake release. Nevertheless, it is often the case that the filter cake does not release well enough. With our new technology, we optimize the cake release properties of the filter cake on the filter cloth. Through the targeted use of particles in the yarn, we create a microstructured surface that allows the filter cake to detach much better. The areas of application for these filter cloths with non-stick effect are manifold. Please contact us and we will check whether this technology is interesting for your application.

Since the type of base polymer as well as color and diameter can be changed and selected, we offer you a customized solution for your products. 

The most important point is:

By using our microstructured filter cloths, you improve cake release, service life and, above all, the purity of your filtered product. In addition, the use of fluoropolymers is completely eliminated in the manufacturing process.

Advantages of our microstructured filter cloths:

  • Reduced clogging of the filter medium
  • FDA and food conformity
  • without fluoropolymers
  • Longer durability of the filter cloths due to increased wear resistance
  • Reduces the power consumption of the machine due to less friction (at filter belts)

Areas of use and application:

  • Titanium dioxide production
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Phosphoric acid extraction
  • and much more

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