R+F FilterElements Developments for particle and aerosol filtration high temperature

New Filter Development

We are your partner for developing and manufacturing
new filter elements.
Our targets: Improved filtration efficiency and cost reductions.

The reason why technicians ask us to develop new replacement filter elements is because …

… the current filter efficiency is not high enough.
… the current life cycles of the filter elements are too short.
… the costs for new filter elements are too high.
… the lead time of their supplier is too long.
… there has been no innovation for a long time.

Our offering is the development of filter media with the aim of
increasing filter efficiency, reducing costs and improving the process.
To achieve this, we work together with users and technicians of filter systems to develop a suitable and modern solution for the process.

Characteristics we can handle

  • Temperature-resistant filter bags for dust removal up to 250°C
  • Hot gas filtration with ceramic filter cartridges up to 1000 °C
  • Aerosol filtration with filter cartridges up to 150 °C and high chemical resistance
  • Particle filtration with filter cartridges up to 150 °C and high chemical resistance

Materials we have experience with


  • Polyamide
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyacrylnitrile

High Performance Polymers:

Coating and Finishing:

How to start a New Filter Development Project

Now that we have your attention, you can get in touch with Anna and make
an appointment online via Skype or web conference.
Anna makes sure that we have fully understood the process and the requirements
in order to proceed with the development together with you.

We are looking forward to an exciting project that we can realize together.