Coalescing microfibre glass Filter Elements for Aerosol Filtration from R+F FilterElements GmbH_

Coalescing Microfibre Glass Filter Elements

Our coalescing microfibre glass filter elements are able to filter up to 99.9 % of any liquid aerosols and particles down to 0.1 µm. The aerosols are filtered out of the volume flow via a 2-layer system. The filtered fluid can be returned to the circuit without loss of quality and additives. The first layer consits of fine microfibres on which the tiny aerosols accumulate. As soon as they have accumulated into larger droplets, they are guided downwards via the second layer by gravity. Learn more about the coalescing principle by reading through our library.

Choosing the right
Coalescing Microfibre Glass Filter Element

To choose the right filter, we discuss the following data:

  • Volume flow
  • Initial and final pressure (or possible differential pressure)
  • Temperature
  • Expected particle count
  • Chemical components

The individual components of the gas or aerosols are important to determine the correct filter element.
When selecting the appropriate filter element, the following variables must be discussed:

  • Size respectively filter area
  • Filtration efficiency – has a great influence on the volume flow and differential pressure
  • Type of binder  – depending on the chemical composition of the medium to be filtered

Portfolio of Coalescing Microfibre Glass Filter Elements

Our coalescing microfibre glass filter elements differ in height, diameter and filtration efficiency. Below you find an overview about our portfolio.
In case you need other sizes or qualities, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through E-Mail or our contact form.

  • Inner diameter: from 12.5 mm to 63 mm
  • Length: from 32 mm to 762 mm
  • Efficiency: from 75 % to 99.98 % @ 0.1 microns

Consultation about Coalescing Microfibre Glass Filter Elements and Replacements

Get in touch and ask for the technical product information for our coalescing microfibre glass filter elements and learn details about material, filtration efficiency, dimensions and temperature range.

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