R+F alternative 371h replacement filter elements for vacuum pump exhaust filter

Alternative Grade 371H Replacement
Filter Elements

Our Alternative Grade 371H Replacement Filter Elements are 100% interchangeable with your current filter elements of grade 371H. We achieve the same high filtration efficiency and can offer our alternative to grade 371H filter elements at a lower price. Our filter elements are available in all common sizes and dimensions and we can always offer you a suitable alternative. 

As an alternative supplier of particulate and coalescing microfiber glass filter elements we offer you better price conditions and convenient lot sizes.

Portfolio of Alternative Grade 371H Replacement
Filter Elements

For us as a supplier of alternative grade 371H replacement filter elements, it is important to meet all customer requirements.
Therefore we can offer any shape and dimension as an alternative to your existing grade 371H filter cartridge.
In your inquiry please tell us the article number and we will offer you an alternative.

Examples of Grade 371H Articles where we can supply an Alternative



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Replacements for the following 371H Applications

Filtration Efficiency of Alternative Grade 371H
Filter Elements

The alternative grade 371H microfibre glass filter element has an filtration efficiency of more than 99.9 % at 0.1 micron of particles and aerosols. The larger the droplets and particles, the better the efficiency. Keep in mind that the efficiency always depends on factors like volume flow and aerosol / particle distribution. 

R+F alternative grade 371h replacement filter elements for vacuum pump exhaust filter

More Information about our Alternative Grade 371H Fiter Elements

Get in touch and ask for the technical product information of our alternative filter elements for grade 371H and learn details about material, filtration efficiency, dimensions and temperature range.

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