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Transform your filter system to be more sustainable, cost-effective,
low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Our mission

“Our goal is to change the filtration industry long-term by developing products that are sustainable due to longer lifetime and less maintenance, more cost-effective and most importantly environmentally friendly. For example, by using our high temperature membrane filter bags we can reduce the use of resources by 50%.”

CEO Filter-Elements Christopher Franke

Christopher Franke
CEO – Sales & Marketing

R+F FilterElements GmbH Anna_Rippel

Anna Rippel
CEO – Sales & Development

Our Commitment


Our approach is to change filtration in a sustainable way. With our developments we want to save resources and improve the use and efficiency of filter media.

100 % interchangeable

Our products are 100% compatible and offer the same quality at a cheaper price.

Saving Resources

Just by using our natural high-performance fibres in combination with a membrane, we reduce the material consumption of polymers for filter bags by more than 50%.

Safe money

We offer individual delivery schedules for spare parts and can significantly reduce prices through long-term planning.

How can this be achieved?

Learn more about filtration by browsing our library or go directly to our developments section and contact Anna.
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