Transform your filter system to be more sustainable, cost-effective,
low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Medical Face Masks

We produce medical face masks type IIR according to German standard DIN 14683
on our own production line in Germany. 

Hier finden Sie Informationen auf unserer deutschsprachigen Seite: 
Medizinische Gesichtsmasken Typ IIR
FFP2 Masken.

Our mission

“Our goal is to change the filtration industry long-term by developing products that are sustainable due to longer lifetime and less maintenance, more cost-effective and most importantly environmentally friendly.”

CEO Filter-Elements Christopher Franke

Christopher Franke
CEO – Sales & Marketing

R+F FilterElements GmbH Anna_Rippel

Anna Rippel
CEO – Sales & Development

Our Commitment


Our approach is to change filtration in a sustainable way. With our developments we want to save resources and improve the use and efficiency of filter media.

100 % interchangeable

Our products are 100% compatible and offer the same quality at a cheaper price.

Saving Resources

Just by using our natural high-performance fibres in combination with a membrane, we reduce the material consumption of polymers for filter bags by more than 50%.

Safe money

We offer individual delivery schedules for spare parts and can significantly reduce prices through long-term planning.

How can this be achieved?

Learn more about filtration by browsing our library or go directly to our developments section and contact Anna.
We are happy to start a new project with you.

Get in touch with us and let´s discuss how we can improve your filter system long term.

Don´t be afraid to tell us about your project´s timeline and budget. 
We´re straightforward with our abilities and pricing, and knowing where you´re coming from helps us hit the target.